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Mark 1:3 "The Voice of one crying in the Wilderness. . . ."

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What People Are Saying About The Voice in the Wilderness

Please note my change of address.  I do enjoy the magazine.

     Pastor, Ireland


Thank you for the beautiful magazine, news, etc.  Please keep it up.

     Friend of the ministry, British Columbia


Inside is my free will offering even though its a very little amount, but maybe it will help a lot.  Sorry, I don't have dollars, so I send you Philippine money.  Thanks for sending me magazines for the past years.  It's a great help to me...

      Friend of the ministry, Philippines


Thank you for your great little magazine.  I look forward to it.  I especially appreciate your loyalty to the KJV.  I whole-heartedly endorse that.  I haved used that Bible for 50 years of ministry.

      Pastor, Maryland


I am an indigenous missionary....I use to be a regular recipient of The Voice in the Wilderness magazine but because of the ten year old war in my country, the postal services were affected equally...I wish to request that you add my name once more on your regular mailing list for the magazine....The magazine is highly educative and informative.  I am missing it so much.

      Missionary, West Africa


Enclosed is a small token of our appreciation for all you do for the Lord.  The magazine is a real blessing whenever we receive it.  In a time of falling away and compromise in the "Christian" church, it's a breath fo fresh air to read  your articles.  Keep the faith.

      Friends of the ministry, North Carlina


I was blessed when I stumbled on your soul touching and inspiring "Voice in the Wilderness" publication through a friend.  I hereby request that you include me in your monthly mail.

     Evangelist, Nigeria


I wanted you to know, I will be 77 years old in June, and I have never used any other Bible than the King James Bible.  There is NO OTHER BIBLE.  Thank you for standing firm on what we believe in.

     Friend of the ministry, New Mexico


I would like you to know that I appreciate your ministry...Truer words were never preached.  You preach it like it ought to be.  Too many preachers sugar coat it.  They are too afraid of affending their people.  Keep on keeping on.

     Friend of the ministry, Pennsylvania


I received information from a friend concerning "The Voice in the Wilderness."  ,,,Therefore, please send me the magazine that will be of help to me.  May God Bless your ministry.

     Teacher, Papua New Guinea


I want to thank you for your dedication to preaching and carrying on the work of The Voice in the Wilderness.  I appreciate your conservative stand on the KJV of God's Word, Christian values, Christian dress, and not compromising.  In my lifetime, I have seen so many professing Christian lower their values and standards; in the same thought I see churches that have also lowered their values, do not preach against sin, and combine God's music, dress, etc. with the world's music, dress, standards.  It is very encouraging to see organizations like "The Voice" holding firm on God's Standards.  Thank you for doing all you do to preach and share the Word in the format that you do.  God Bless.

     Friend of the ministry, Tennessee