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Mark 1:3 "The Voice of one crying in the Wilderness. . . ."

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Jesus was her motivation and message. So from New York City to the jungle of Colombia and Venezuela, Sophie Muller spent a lifetime sharing the gospel with the Indians of the Amazonas. Miraculously, she survived a trial by poison. Read this amazing story in His Voice Shakes the Wilderness.  After Sister Sophie graduated to heaven in 1995, The Voice in the Wilderness Ministry reprinted Sophie’s Bible translation work in Curipaco, Piapoco, Puinave, and Guahibo languages. In 1999 Brother Williamson was privileged to stand where Sophie served for 50 years and witness 1500 precious souls come walking through the jungle and canoeing down the Orinoco to receive the Word of God in their indigenous language. Indeed it was a blessing to behold the hunger for heavens message. For two days people stood in line to get Bibles. Hallelujah!

Sadly, shortly thereafter, Hugo Chavez came to power and expelled missionaries from the jungle. The Voice in the Wilderness Ministry continued work in the cities, but for well over a decade lost communication with the jungle work.

Then the phone call came in 2015 and another miracle. Pastor Walt Lanier and Missionary Jim Gage had met some of the Indians that received Bibles The Voice in the Wilderness had printed in 1999. What a joy to once again behold God’s promise in real time as “thy fruit remains” and HIS work and Word continues against great opposition.

Brother Williamson and Brother Lilly traveled to Colombia in 2016. While preaching in Villavicencio, the Lord’s hand was again evident. Bro. Humberto, a co-labourer with Lino(pictured above) and Pablo (Indian preachers that worked directly with Sophie Muller), was in town to have eye surgery. This surprise meeting with one of the jungle workers was just another part of the continued miracle in the jungle. Pray with us that the Lord’s blessing will continue in the jungle ministry.

Consider your prayers and partnership in the continued mission to unreached language and people groups in the jungle. As funds are given, The Voice in the Wilderness will assist missionaries in taking Bibles and a witness to the precious people groups Sophie faithfully served. Be a part of this miracle.


Bearing Precious Seed in Milford, OH, agreed to print the indigenous language John/Romans Bibles for the jungle work. We worked together with BPS and Missionary Gage to arrange transport for the John and Romans into the Jungle. PRAISE THE LORD for the offerings thus far! We look forward to giving these John and Romans to those who already have expressed anticipation and excitement over receiving their own precious copy of God’s Word. We also are preparing for future Jungle Missions Projects.


View the Assembly process for the Scriptures taken to the Jungles.




UPDATE: This Jungle Bible Project exceeds $10,000. Most cannot travel and minister in these locations, but everyone can be a part of sharing God's precious Word through prayer and financial support.


Bro. Ronnie and Bro. Steve traveled to the Jungle for a Scripture distribution and teaching/training time with the Jungle Pastors. View the Picture Gallery and DVD Report below.


View the ENTIRE picture gallery from Colombia.



Thank you for praying and considering the gift of a Bible. Another Jungle Bible Project is in progress. Your support is vital to this witness. 

A pallet of Scriptures are ready to be mailed to Colombia. The cost is $3,750 for postage. The Voice in the Wilderness has just invested, with your help, $10,000 in printing, mailing, and distributing expense for the Curipaco and Piapoco Scriptures to the Jungle. Yet, the Lord has opened another door for our Pastor friend in Colombia to receive hundreds of thousands of Scriptures. Soulwinners are ready for distribution. We just need to mail them. Will you help?


You can give here or you may submit an offering to:

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