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Mark 1:3 "The Voice of one crying in the Wilderness. . . ."

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Distributed online (and in print periodically) including prayer requests, news bits, ministry updates and praises. 


 February 2024  100,000 Cherokee and Navajo Scriptures Printed, Philippines and Venezuela Update, Home Office needs, News from Here and There - Lincoln, Black History Month, etc
 January 2024  2024 Ministry goals, Navajo and Cherokee Gospel of John, Philippines shipment, News from Here and There - AI, ChatGPT, Electric Vehicles, Transitioning Church
 Year-End Newsletter
 August 2023  Mobile Bible Bag, Hindi Translation Complete
 July 2023  Scripture Shipments, Special Biblical Alert Podcast
 June 2023  Video on Vimeo, Travel updates, Rapid Fire Stapler
 May 2023  Cherokee Scripture Delivery, Jungle Work, India Update
April 2023  E-bike for Philippines, Sophie book, Cherokee Distribution, India Translation Work, Biblical Alert - Abrahamic House
March 2023  Williamson's Anniversary, Philippines needs, Patriotic Resources, 
February 2023  Tomb of the Unknown book, Cherokee printing, Colombia Update, Biblical Alert - China
January 2023  Mission to Colombia 2023; Sophie Muller book, Cherokee Scriptures, Venezuela & Philippine Shipments, Biblical Alert



January 2018 Emergency Missions Shipment
February 2018  Shipments Arrive!
March 2018  Our Message for 2018
April 2018  Moving Day!
May 2018  Shipping Container to South America
June 2018  Book of Revelation reprint ready to ship
July 2018  Jungle Flooding; Scripture Container
August 2018  Port of Cartegena
September 2018  Scripture Distribution in Colombia
October 2018  Scripture Project and New Printing of The Voice
November 2018  Year-end; Venezuela Update
December 2018  Year-end; Venezuela Update



January 2017 Offerings for Jungle Bibles and Revelation Printing
February 2017  Bible Printing!
March 2017  Jungle Bible Assembly
April 2017  Jungle Bible Shipment
May 2017  Shipment Expense for Bibles; other missions
June 2017  Venezuela Update
July 2017  Bible Summit and Jungle Project Update
August 2017  Jungle Update and Future Missions Projects
September 2017  The Book of Revelation Printing Project
October 2017  Get an Answer, Leading the Next Generation
November 2017  God's Word to Drinkers
December 2017  Year-end



January 2016 Ministry Goals, Budget, Updates
February 2016  Ministry Update
March 2016  Key Updates and Prayer requests
April 2016  Will you Pray? The 7 P's of Psalms 1
May 2016  Venezuela, Centennial Edition, New Resources
June 2016  Special Prayer List
July 2016  Encouraging Note, Current needs
August 2016  Urgent Need!!
September 2016  Colombia Missions Trip Update
October 2016  North Carolina Flood Relief
November & December 2016  Missions and Year-end Update


January 2015 2015 Theme--Upon this ROCK
February 2015  New Resources, Venezuela Pastors, Book of Revelation, New Resources - Resurrection Hall of Faith Cards
March 2015  Details from meetings in D.C. - The Congressman said...
April 2015  The Philippines Missions Trip; Update from Venezuela
May 2015  Amazing Reports from The Philippines & Venezuela; USPS
June 2015  Onward, Upward, Forward for HIS glory; Bro. Royces 100th Birthday
July 2015  Three Urgent Needs; Current Projects
August 2015  "God Knows" Prayer Outline; New Resources
September 2015  Understanding the Times - The Candidates said...
October 2015  New England Travels and Meetings
November 2015  GO YE Article, Muslim Mosques in USA, Venezuela Elections
December 2015  Centennial Update; Specific Prayer Needs


January 2014 Prayer Request for 2014; New Theme for 2014
February 2014  Redeeming the time, Standing; America's Obamanation of Desolation
 March 2014  New Brochures - Suicide & Cremation
 April 2014  The Old Paths; Audio Sermons Online
 May 2014  Travels; Arkansas Tornadoes
 June 2014  A Bit of Wisdom; Apologies from America
 July 2014  Ministry Update
 August 2014  A Special Thank You
 September 2014  Venezuela MissionVue 2014; Christmas Hall of Faith cards
 October 2014  Venezuela Update; Ongoing Projects
 November 2014  
 December 2014  



























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