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After recovering from a virus, Dr. Ronnie Williamson suffered from a rare condition that sometimes occurs when the body's immune systems reacts the wrong way toward the virus and attacks the nervous system. This page will host updates and prayer needs. We know our Heavenly Father is the Great Physician (Isa 41:10). We also know that Satan's forces are powerful (I Peter 5:8). A mighty army of prayer warriors is needed on behalf of Dr. Williamson. We urgently request that you stay connected to The Voice in the Wilderness and any update provided and join us in intercessory prayer for watchcare and healing (I Tim. 2:1-8). We are so very grateful for all the prayers already given and concern shown. Thank you, once again, for being our prayer partner, but this time in a most personal way.
The effectual, fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. Please consider these words and be a part of an army of prayer warriors!

Let us know that you are praying. Simply message our office.


UPDATE 1/20/24: Today, we write on this, the third anniversary of Bro. Ronnie's battle with Guillain-barre Syndrome, to once again say, "Great is THY faithfulness." What a testament to our army of prayer warriors! Life is fleeting and so very fragile. In our ministry, we regularly receive notice of dear friends who have now entered Heaven's portals, their earthly ministry complete and their eternal praise begun. This day, we thank Him for this moment that we enjoy in His service, knowing that we must commit fully to redeeming the time for our Lord is coming soon. Bro. Ronnie has healed from Guillain-barre in amazing ways. From being nearly completely incapacitated to functioning at a level where most are unaware of the physical attack that occured three years ago. Preaching, writing, traveling have all resumed, yet, in truth, the body constantly reminds of all it has endured. Pain and weakness, immune deficiencies, and other residuals along with normal "I-ain't-as-young-as-I-use-to-be" symptoms rear up everyday. Nonetheless, with God and a lot of southern, down-east determination, ministry goes on daily. Bro. Ronnie even climbed the formidable Cerros de Mavecure in Colombia while viewing the missionary Sophie Muller's work and territory. (You can look that climb up on your own and be amazed or watch here!) Now, we plunge forward into 2024 while continuing more than 70 years of ministry for The Voice in the Wilderness. Missions efforts continue here at home through evangelism and printing (specifically the Cherokee and Navajo Bible translation and printing), in the Philippines, Colombia, Venezuela, and India. We give this update to say "Thank you for being a prayer warrior, but please don't stop!" God is good and the Devil is real. Satan and his foes are ever-seeking to destroy the work of the LORD and it is still URGENT that our prayer partners continue interceding. Please pray daily as we go forward for God!


UPDATE 1/20/22: Today, on the writing of this update, exactly one year has past since Bro. Ronnie was admitted to Mission Hospital. Just days ago, we sat in an area office of another physician, unrelated to the events of Bro. Ronnie's illness, and that doctor expressed that he had heard of and knew about Bro. Ronnie's illness. He said, "I credit Dr. Barker for his quick diagnosis that day that you came to his office, for it is only once every 15 years or something that a general doctor will see that come into his office." Bro. Ronnie's wife immediately said, "Yes, we certainly credit Dr. Barker AND the Lord for providing that quick diagnosis which led to his immediate treatment." Days in the difficult and secluded corridor of COVID, the following challenges of therapy, to even the day to day moments of slow but sure healing, it hasn't been an easy recovery. And, as we have learned, complete healing of the nerves damage by Guillain-barre Syndrome, will take even more days. Nonetheless, God has moved his hand of healing and brought Bro. Ronnie .... no, not back to where he was..... no, not to normal day..... to MORE - YES! To God be the Glory, MORE days are ahead! Ministry is a blessing and days are full. Traveling, teaching, preaching, podcast, Bible Shipments, phone calls, mailings, property maintenance, writing, printing - The Voice in the Wilderness is a unique, wide-ranging ministry full of daily opportunities of which Bro. Ronnie is actively involved. Join us in praising the LORD for renewed health and the privilege of serving Him daily. Thank you to all the prayer warriors who have kept bringing this need before the Lord. The Voice in the Wilderness newsletter is on the press and set to be mailed soon. Please watch for this new edition and read further personal updates from Bro. Ronnie. Also keep The Voice in the Wilderness staff in your continued prayers as we lauch out in 2022 for MORE ministry.

UPDATE 8/31/21: After six months of recovery and prayers, we take time to write a simple update regarding the illness Bro. Ronnie has been battling, and in doing so, give you the opportunity to realize that God heard your prayers and answered in a mighty way. In review, in January of 2021, Bro. Ronnie experienced the sudden onset of what was soon to be determined as Guillain-Barre Syndrome. We praise the Lord daily for his primary care doctor, who, in the midst of COVID confusion, correctly diagnosed this rare illness and sent him immediately to the hospital for treatment. Nevertheless, COVID still inevitably tried to usurp the patient-doctor understanding, resulting in a 10-day stay on the quarantined, COVID floor of the hospital. Little to no contact was relayed to the family, and the patient was left to manage care amidst debilitating pain. Thankfully, the five GBS plasmapheresis treatments were given and discharge to inpatient therapy was ordered. However, due to the COVID status on the paperwork, a quarantined room was reserved for therapy, meaning that the first-class rooms and equipment would be off-limits. Again the Lord, opened the door for communication with a common sense case manager who, in turn, requested the hospital given another COVID test before discharge. This negative test resulted in a regular room and immediate, intense therapy. Bro. Ronnie, rose to the challenge, excelled at all therapy, and walked out of the inpatient hospital. The homecoming was sweet! Outpatient therapy continued to help increase mobility over the next few weeks. Since then, Bro. Ronnie has been striving to gain back full ability, but the recovery is not for the faint of heart. Nerve pain, stamina, strength, neuropathy, and more plague each day. Yet, thankfully, he has been back on the road, in the pulpit, and on the podcast radio waves. Your prayers have surely strengthened him to continue on in the work God has called us. Countless prayer requests have been submitted to us during this time, from India, the Phillipines, South America, Canada, and others. The Devil is fierce in his attack and sin abounds. We pray, "Even so, come, Lord Jesus," and we ask for His empowering that we may be found faithful until He comes. Please continue to pray for full and complete recovery, safety in travel, and for the printing, preaching and teaching, and Bible and aid shipments that The Voice Ministry focuses on daily.


UPDATE 3/16: Bro. Ronnie completes four weeks of outpatient therapy this week - Praise the Lord! He is walking more confidently and is enjoying every opportunity to attend church services and be involved in daily activities. Thank you for praying. If you personally know Bro. Ronnie, you understand that he is NOT a sit-down-and-do-nothing type of person. Therefore, this time of intense recovery from GBS, which demands a slower pace, has been quite the mental challenge. Doctors continue to be encouraging and confident of a complete recovery - - - it will just take time. Your cards, prayers, and gifts have lifted his spirits and urged him forward. His daily Biblical Alert has seen record listeners, and he continues correspondence with various mission points concerning current projects. Please pray as further tests will soon be done to assess nerve damage from the GBS. Pain management, energy, and strength are daily obstacles. Further therapy will be determined soon. Yet we "press toward the mark for the high prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus."



UPDATE 2/24: It is not often that you attend a "Praise and Prayer" session at your family doctor's office, but that we did! As Ronnie sat...and stood...and walked for Dr. Barker, his amazement was seeping out from under that mask. Dr. Barker said that we often stop in a medical crisis to pray for healing, but right now, he wanted to stop and thank the Lord for healing! He said that Ronnie's progress was no doubt in large part a testament of all those praying for him. What a blessing to bow together and thank our Lord for His precious watchcare during this battle. Coming home was surely another blessing, especially when greeted by family and the grinning faces of two granddaughters. From not being able to walk to the car as we headed for help 22 days prior, to taking every slow but able step back into the house was a tremendous encouragement. Now, after two two weeks of waiting for paperwork and processing, the challenging task of outpatient therapy has begun. Assessement has been made and four weeks scheduled, as Ronnie seeks to rebuild his strength and allow damaged nerves time to repair. Please specifically pray for his encouragement each day, protection from further complications, and complete recovery. You and your effective prayers are a daily testimony to many through this time. Thank You!


UPDATE 2/9: Have you been praying? The evidence of your prayers is visible in Bro. Ronnie's progress. "Phenomenal" is the description given by his physical therapists. We have all been truly overwhelmed by the "hearts of prayers" covering our office wall. Your names on those hearts are clear reminders to us of how God does hear and answer. After nearly two weeks of intense and exhausting physical therapy, Bro. Ronnie is mobile! Pain is being well managed, and he is passing all the rigors in the gym with flying colors. In an effort to gain better finger dexterity, he has even passed a few typing tests (we hope to utilize this new found skill in The Voice office soon!). Today, plans were made for him to return home Thursday (2/11) and continue outpatient therapy. The battle against GBS, Bell's Palsy, and severe inflammation still wages, but our army of Prayer Warriors can rejoice in the recovery that the Lord is directing. I Thess. 5:17 - "Pray without ceasing."

UPDATE 2/5: Prayer Warriors, you are needed! Therapy is not for the faint of heart! Bro. Ronnie has now been in an acute rehab location for four full days, and he is not being left idle. We are extremely grateful for a kind staff and well-trained therapists. Even the meals are tasty. Every day, he is being assessed by medical staff and put through the ringer in the gym! Please pray for this mighty effort. He is determined to "move" to full recovery, but the days are exhausting as he tries to encourage circulation, muscle strength and response. AND, as many of you know, most illness is not without further issues and complications. Continue interceding for renewed strength, pain management, wisdom for medical team, and fortitude to endure and reach for the goal. Your mail, texts, phone calls, cards, etc. have been such an encouragement - THANK YOU! It truly does make a difference to know of the many that are holding you up before the Lord. (For specific information, please contact Bro. Ronnie's son-in-law, Steve Lilly at 828.779-1958.)


UPDATE 2/2: If you have ever read "My Personal Message" in The Voice in the Wilderness newsletter or received personal correspondence from Ronnie, you will have noted that his closing signature always includes Isa. 40:31 - "But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint." After 10 days on a restricted floor with concerns about appropriate care, he was able to move to a regular room within the hospital and receive a visit from Terry - what a special blessing! His strength had been taken from him, he had not walked, he had fainted, but, amazingly, in this new location, he was able to have significant pain relief, stand, walk with assistance a short distance, and take a shower - the first in nearly two weeks! He said that he knew he had never been that long without a bath! These "firsts" are reminiscent of the last sermon he preached in which he revealed the 2021 theme for The Voice in the Wilderness, "First in Flight." Observation, further testing, and MUCH better care on that floor resulted in his discharged on day 12. Praise the Lord! He was admitted to an acute rehab facility and is encouraged by a new environment, yummy food, caring staff, and a significant lessening of pain. Today, he shocked us all, including himself, by walking around the gym twice and biking two miles! Needless to say, a nap was in order for the afternoon. We are all shouting the glory for these "firsts" and ask you to join us in praise for renewing his strength. Challenging days are certainly ahead with physical therapy and and healing from Guillain-Barre Syndrome and Bell's Palsy. We ask that you continue in prayer for this, that there be no complications or setbacks, and that he will experience full strength and a complete recovery from this attack. Our hearts have been overwhelmed by the multitude of prayers given for this recovery. We know that you, our army of prayers warriors, have bombarded heaven's throne and we are so thankful that He hears and has chosen to answer prayer. How exciting it will be, in the days ahead, to share more praise and recovery reports!
UPDATE 1/30: Something that no one desires to be able to say, we can now say - "We have personal, up-close experience with our current healthcare system." Many adjectives could be used to describe this system in its current state, but that account must be detailed at a later time. For now, we simply ask that you pray for great wisdom as we navigate the challenges of care in this ongoing environment. Today, we thank the Lord for providing a specific answer to prayer regarding the location of his care. He is stable, has completed the five treatments, seen some mobility progress, and pain is being better managed. Your prayers have been and will continue to be vital over the next two weeks. We look forward to being able to share with you how the Lord is directing and providing over the days to come. Please continue in prayer for his overall care, doctors, facilities and staff; the lessening of of symptoms and spread; pain management; and his encouragement. "I thank my God upon every remembrance of you..."
UPDATE 1/28: Thank you to all who prayed for pain management and relief! After an intense 24 hours of unmanaged pain, he has received relief! The doctor has ordered what is necessary, but apparently some mindlessly perform duties while others own the situation and seek the best comfort and care. We are thankful for the vigilance of last night's nurse. Physical therapy also saw progress that we haven't seen in a week. Please pray today as we try to get more information concerning the upcoming plan after he receives the 5th and last treament on Friday. Information is not forthcoming and with the "No visitor" policy it is a constant challenge to tract down the necessary information. Continue to pray for all other needs mentioned below. We know our Prayer Warriors are making a tremendous difference for we remember the promise, "Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you." I Peter 5:7
UPDATE 1/26: Ronnie continues to remain stable. There was concern that perhaps his heart was being adversely affected. Tests were run. We praise the Lord for his watchcare and the good results that his heart is strong. His respiration is also listed as excellent. The days are still difficult with all that surrounds defeating and reversing the onslaught of the virus and ensuing nerve damage. Three out of five treaments are complete. Pain management is challenging. Prayer Warriors, knowing that conditions can change in a moment, keep on the firing line! Pray that the attack from the immune system to the nerves does not spread, no further complications will arise, Ronnie will see progress and be encouraged, and an excellent plan of recovery can be formulated. We, Ronnie and the family, do not take your prayers for granted and lift your name and personal prayer needs to the Lord as we spend much time going to the throne in praise and petition. "And the Lord turned the captivity of Job when he prayed for his friends..." Job 42:10.
UPDATE 1/25: Hearts of Prayer - displaying all the names of our Prayer Warriors are located in our office. We were so grateful to hear from people all over the world who stopped yesterday (Sunday) to have a special prayer time for Ronnie. Thank you for being a part of our mighty army of Prayer Warriors. Today, Ronnie has remained stable for which we are thankful. Last evening other issues arose; therefore more tests, doctors and observations were given today. To date, he has completed 3 out 5 treatments ordered. Please pray that he remains stable without further issues and that the viral attacks on his body will not spread further. We anticipate more test results tomorrow and further doctor consults. Remember Terry as she navigates his care from afar due to the "No Visitor" restrictions. Tonight we share a verse given to us by a dear friend also enduring physical trial. Heb. 13:5-6 - Let your conversation be without covetouness; and be content with such things as ye have; for he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee. So that we may boldly say, The Lord is my helper, and I will not fear what man shall do unto me.
UPDATE 1/24: This Lord's Day, we praise Him for continued care for Ronnie Williamson. The Doctor has issued a diagnosis of GBS (Guillain-Barre Syndrome). This rare disease is the result of your body's inappropriate reaction to a virus, causing your immune system to attack your nerves. Today, he has received 2 out of 5 scheduled treatments. We are thankful that he has experienced some relief from intense pain. Please continue to pray for the specifics listed below. We are so grateful for the calls, texts, messages and comments. We have shared all those names and messages with him, and it is a wonderful encouragement to know that so many are lifting his name to the Great Physician. Your continued prayers are requested in the coming days. Contact information is also below.
A Statement from The Voice in the Wilderness: Thank you to all those who have expressed through various means that they are praying. We wanted to give a few specifics so that you could continue to pray more effectively. Ronnie Williamson, director of The Voice in the Wilderness, is in the hospital. A rare condition, stemming from the effects of a virus, has caused his immune system to attack his nervous system. To date, this has resulted in severe weakness and lack of mobility in his extremities. At this time, we ask you to pray for: the issue to not spread further in his body, the treatments to be effective, his hospital care and team of doctors, his personal encouragement, his wife, Terry, and family as they work to monitor his care from a distance because of the "No Visitor" policy at the hospital. If you have commented or contacted us in any way regarding this prayer need, we have added your name to a posted list in our office in effort to encourage he and the family that specific people are praying. We ask that you do not attempt to call Dr. Williamson's cell phone or via messenger, but please direct any messages or calls to his son-in-law, Steve Lilly at 828-779-1958 or via messenger Steve N Rebekah Lilly. For you, our praying friends, we are extremely grateful.